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When the world’s two superpowers agree to set aside war in favor of playing a kids’ baseball game, a charismatic boy is called upon to lead nine quirky friends on a seven-inning mission to save the free world and earn a trip to Dairy Queen...


While reading of kings, presidents, and warriors, he determined that self-confidence was the essential quality of a leader. Fredder wasn’t the smartest boy in school or the best athlete on the team, but he was always ready to take on a new challenge—even one as large as a sandlot summit. It’s 1984, and the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union is heating up to a fever pitch. With combat a near certainty, President Ronald Reagan and the infamous Russian general, Kostlitzo “Boneface” Zolotov, make a secret pact to settle differences on a baseball diamond in a game Russia “claims” to have invented. Twelve-year-old center-fielder Fredder Farley is chosen to head the American squad and every step in the journey will test his mettle as a leader. This is a boy who will look at a situation, make a decision, and take action—always take action. Sometimes he fails, and more often than not, his leadership style conflicts with that of the coach (his dad) as the two wrestle with the question of just who really is the leader of Team USA. But whether he’s meeting the President of the United States or facing off alone against the meanest bully in town, Fredder’s decisions will provoke raised eyebrows among a readership looking for humor and sports wrapped in an intense high stakes conflict. A few history lessons may be encountered along the way, but it is the maturation of these nine ethnically diverse, offbeat kids into a formidable Team USA (and not politics) that drives the story.

Sandlot Summit is recommended best for grades 5 to 8 but is easy
and enjoyable for other ages.  Younger readers will get a big
assist from the 3 page glossary of harder words in the back.

Sandlot Summit is approved by Little League Baseball Inc. and is sold in their museum store in Williamsport, PA.

(149 pages, 9 full page illustrations)
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Praise for Sandlot Summit

"Fishman's playful, well-written and imaginative story end with a life

affirming message and the sweet hope of peace for all nations.  This

patriotic engaging novel will be a home run for readers of all ages."
—Kirkus Discoveries

"There is a great message of love your country and serve it well.  The
characters are well thought out and the boys and girls talk just like
that--boys and girls.  The book is fun, but at the same time, kids won't
even realize they're getting a quick history lesson.  This book is not
just for baseball fans or history buffs.  It is something that any kid can
—Front Street Reviews

"What a game!  This is a funny novel, full of spirit and laughter.  It
doesn't matter whether the reader is a baseball fan or not--the humor
cannot be missed.  The book ends with a concise glossary of terms that
will be a welcomed addition for younger readers.  And the highly de-
tailed full page illustrations are as humorous as the writing."
                                                  —Allbooks Review

"Rick Fishman creates and brings to life a cast of hysterical characters.
From the moment the reader meets his hand chosen all-star team, you will find yourself cheering for their success."
                                                  —Muse Book Reviews


"Sandlot Summit is a younger version of Rocky IV’s epic battle between 
Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago, a surrogate war mixed with the tradition
of a ragtag team against all odds ... moving to a tensely fought game 
that clearly portrays our heroes as the underdogs.  The mix of players
added to the team gives room for the scenes to go in entertaining  
directions. Summit does its job.”



 “This is a cheerful book with the kind of premise that kids will enjoy 
—ordinary heroes saving the world.  And the story's themes of
national honor and baseball are two topics that have been tarnished
in recent times and the book clearly values both.” 
—ForeWord CLARION Reviews

“Deftly written, Sandlot Summit is recommended to anyone seeking a 
good laugh, whether or not they are in favor of baseball diplomacy." 
                                                      —The Midwest Book Review



Author biography


Rick Fishman loves humor—seriously. The Clevelander also
loves baseball and spent over a decade coaching youth teams
in Lyndhurst, Ohio.  Rick promised his bride a big diamond on
her wedding day but, unfortunately, it came with four bases
and a pitcher’s mound. Despite this, Lynn has put up her husband’s
eccentric humor since 1984.


The Fishmans have two adult children, Katie and Kyle. Scarlet
and gray are the colors in this family as Rick and Katie are both
Ohio State Buckeyes, graduating in 1974 and 2007 respectively.
In 1992, Rick earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Records
by painting the world’s largest map on the playground of his
kids’ elementary school. An accountant by trade, he recently
took some time off for a brief but rewarding adventure as a
high school math teacher. There’s a Russian connection here
too.  Rick’s grandparents bid the czar farewell in 1913 and
settled in Canton, Ohio.


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